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SacMed Training
For all our former Students: Please leave your comments or testimonials about your experience here.

I had the best experience at SacMed for my CNA training! Klung is the absolute best instructor, and I truly believe she went above and beyond in our preparation for the CNA exam. I passed on my first try! Thank you so much SacMed for making my CNA certification process easy, efficient, and fun!

Kylie L. September 2023 (Yelp Review)

Had a great experience at the SacMed program. Completed it in Summer of 2023 and the day class was fantastic. Klung was a compassionate, dedicated, and kind teacher. She really wanted my class and I to know CNA information well. I felt challenged and respected by her. She fully prepared me to take the CNA state board tests as I passed on the first try in written and skills. I highly recommend this as a start to your nursing career and am thankful to have found this program.

Catherine M. November 23

The best in Sacramento. Really a 21 day program. Very affordable. Also have an payment plan if needed. That Miss Kung, is something really SPECIAL!! THE BEST to EVER DO IT. SHE'S VERY PATIENT AND KIND. I passed on my first time around. She's very hands on. My class was so hardheaded. Lol but Miss Kung got us through it. Even the students that I thought wasn't going to pass, actually passed. Lol I told her we we're paying attention.

Crissy June 2023

I enrolled last year as Nursing Assistant student. My teachers was so great I’m from pm class. Got my license last June 2022 as a CNA.Hired at Sutter Roseville Medical Center last October. It’s a good training school. Very good training School recommended.

Sheyne L. May 2023

SacMed is truly the best place to obtain your education to become a CNA . Klung is the most genuine , intelligent , compassionate teacher . She makes the program experience amazing . Not only is she a wonderful teacher , but a compassionate , kind , and understanding person. She makes learning fun, and to me that is huge . My entire experience was great , and I made lifelong friends while in this program. Klung will fully prepare you to take the CNA state board tests . I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to have a great start in nursing . Oh and I can't forget Jon . He is the best. I will never forget this experience , and forever be thankful I found this program.

Kimberly D. November 2022 

I had such a great experience with SacMed. The application process and the whole class were really smooth and well organized. I learned a lot and passed my state exam right after finishing the program. Klung was my instructor and did a really good job teaching our class, so that I always had her voice in my head when performing the skills and remembering all the steps she taught us. Would greatly recommend this place to my family and friends!

Jana V. September 2022

It took me forever to find the time to take the class and when I finalized which school I chose SacMed! Not only did I hear great things about it from my co-workers but it's super close to my house. Registration was easy. Every day I was coming from a NOC shift straight to class.Lecture was led by Lito and he was great,funny and always answered all of our questions. Clinicals was led by Klung and she's the sweetest person ever and gave us constructive criticism if we messed up on anything which prepared us to ace the state exam which I did! Yay!! Thanks everyone at SacMed, Capital transitional care, and my classmates for making it a great rewarding experience!

Sommer P. May 2022 

Sacmed training is a great program with helpful staff. You will be more than prepared for your exam and future with their training. Klung is an exceptional teacher and always willing to help you. Your time and money are well spent when choosing them for your CNA training.

Raul F. June 2022 

I had the best time at SacMed Training and learned so much! Klung is an absolutely amazing instructor and truly takes the time to make sure her students understand everything. She was so patient with us while pushing us to do our best because she believed in our class. I value my time at SacMed so much and applied everything I learned to take the state exam and pass on my first try! I'm very grateful for all the amazing people at SacMed and my time there.

Anya M. April 2022 

I had a wonderful experience with SacMed. It's fast pace, I was in the AM class, but so worth it. Klung is very kind and willing to help, Jon was great! From start to finish and beyond they were very helpful and encouraging. I passed both portions of the exam on the first try. I highly recommend SacMed, you won't regret it!

Stefany G. March 2022

SacMed Training was a great experience! During my CNA program, I learned so much thanks to my instructor, Klung. She really prepared us for our clinical rotation and the CNA state exams. I would recommend taking this program. Klung really wants her students to excel in life and be able to give back to the community. My group was really supportive and fun, and I couldn't have made it without them!

Vannessa S. May 2022

SacMed Training was an incredible experience. If you are considering enrolling in a CNA program, don't hesitate to sign up with SacMed, but hurry because their classes fill up quick! The staff is super supportive and really cares about their students' success. My instructor, Nurse Klung was wonderful. She was patient and took her time in explaining and demonstrating all of the procedures in great detail. The clinical portion of the course was a challenging and unforgettable experience. I learned so much during my time at SacMed, both in the classroom and at the facility. I felt very prepared going into the licensing exam and passed on my first try! Thanks SacMed!

Ann-Marie A. February 2022 

I had the best experience through this program. All the staff made the process really easy and were all welcoming. Mrs. Klung is the best instructor who will prepare you extremely well for the CNA exam. She was very engaging and really knows her stuff. For those of you looking for a CNA program, this is the one. Of all the people at the CNA exam, the ones who did the best were the ones who went through this program, many of the other testers had to retake the exam BECAUSE THEY DID NOT GO THROUGH THIS PROGRAM. This program will teach you what you need to know and how to take the test. Highly recommend. Thank you SacMed staff and Mrs. Klung.

Matthew B. November 2021 

Klung was an amazing CNA instructor I had her June of 2021 and we were one of the first In person classes and were able to do our clinicals in person. Was a very positive experience I highly recommend to future CNA students.

Bryant N. June 2021 

Klung is an amazing teacher and just great to be around. The class is very fast paced and intense at times but i had a great experience and passed the state exam :)

Hannah F. October 2021

I'd definitely recommend this program to people looking to become a CNA. Klung especially was so helpful in explaining exactly what would be required of us. She is patient and funny and knows how to really engage the students. Overall the course is just so wholesome and I really appreciated the relationships that I have formed here.

Shanice S. August 2021

SacMed Training is one of the best CNA programs in NorCal! During my time there, I built some of the most memorable relationships with my classmates and instructor Klung! Klung is an amazing instructor, she always made sure to teach her students everything they needed to know in order to past the state exam. In fact, our class had a 100% pass rate on the exam!! Not only that but all of SacMed's staffs are also very kind and always willing to help. Choosing to attend SacMed was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Jacqueline D. July 2021

SacMed was a great experience! I learned so much now that we are back doing clinicals in person. My teacher, Klung was awesome! She is very knowledgeable and patient. I took my Red Cross CNA exam the day after I completed SacMed and I passed! Thank you SacMed and Klung, I can now begin my path to nursing!

Raquel B. June 2021

For those of you looking to become a CNA, this is definitely the program that I would recommend! The course is extremely affordable and they even offer an installment pay plan! Even though the content is heavily condensed it's not hard to learn or remember as long as you put you're energy and focus into it. Nurse Klung is an excellent instructor and does her absolute best to teach and individually help her students. The course and everything is tailored to help you pass the CNA state exam. Everything is straightforward and easy to comprehend. I took my state exam and passed the written portion of the exam in less than an hour and the skills portion of the exam only took 25minutes or so.

Kenny T. May 2021

I'm glad I chose SacMed CNA training program. SacMed staff is very professional. Klung is the best instructor. She was so helpful; taught and prepared our class well for the exam. I took my CA CNA test one day after our last class session; I passed both written and skills portions of the test. Thank you SacMed for providing quality CNA training program.

Viktoria Z. April 2021 

I really enjoyed every second of this CNA program! It was a lot and very time consuming but the staff made it worth it. Lito especially was super encouraging and such a great teacher and really cares for the student to actually understand the skills being taught . He did not once doubt any of us and our ability to pass the exam, with that being said i passed my first try! and I'm now writing this as I just start my new job, I'm glad I chose Sac Med. I would like to thank the front staff and Lito and Sac Med as a whole as this is the start of my career in the healthcare field. Thank you!!

Diana B. March 2021 

I did not know what to expect taking a CNA course during the pandemic, but I am glad I took it through SacMed. Ask for Ms Klung as your instructor because she is the best there is. She was always so helpful and made sure that her students would succeed. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a CNA program to take! It has the option to only take 21 days, the best instructor, and an overall great experience. Thank you SacMed!

Tony P. March 2021

I just wanted to let you all know that I took my CNA exam this past Wednesday and I passed both the written and skills portion. I wanted to say thank you especially to Lito for being such a great teacher and giving all of us the confidence to take the exam. I was there with a few other students from SacMed and I know that three of us passed the exam! Your training was seriously so helpful and I truly felt confident going into the exam because of the skills I learned from Lito and all the extra study help and videos you provided. Thank you again! I am so thankful and pleased with my experience at SacMed and I really do appreciate all the help the entire staff gave me thoughout. 

Ali B. March 2021

I had the best experience taking the CNA course here. I was really worried about taking a CNA course in the middle of the pandemic because I knew I was not going to get as much hands on training as you normally would if we weren't in a pandemic. But with Ms Klung as my instructor there was no way I was going to fail. Ms Klung is one of the best instructors I've ever had and I've had quite a few through college. You can really tell through her teaching and guidance that her number 1 goal is to get you ready to pass the state test. Today I got the news that I passed the CNA state test and thanks to Ms Klung and Sac Med Training I get to start my new journey as a CNA! I highly recommend taking the CNA course here if you are looking into one and plan on succeeding because that's exactly what you will get with this experience! Thank you!

Rachel C. March 2021

Klung is the best instructor ever!!! I had an amazing experience at SacMed Training, the program fully prepared me to pass the state exam. I would definitely recommend SacMed for anyone who wants to become a Certified Nurse Assistant!

Sumeet December 2020

Recently took my CNA exam and I passed my first try! The staff at Sac Med were very friendly and truly kind hearted people. I had the pleasure to be instructed by Mrs. Klung and she will no doubt prepare you for the exam! She is one of the most encouraging and young spirited instructor I've ever had and if you ever have the chance to take her, don't hesitate! Not only will Sac Med help you succeed but, they'll give you memories and friends that are worth a lifetime! (:

Melody Q December 2020

One of the best (last-minute) decisions I have ever made. In the beginning of October I decided to take a CNA course transitioning from a nanny position that I had for about a year and a half. I am hoping to get into nursing school within the next few months, and I thought - in the meantime this would be great place to start! I signed up for one of the last spots in the course starting on October 13th at SacMedTraining and the process was a breeze. Kaye (at the front desk) is so helpful and kind, and she remembered me after that day! They have payment plans which are really helpful, I got my LiveScan FingerPrint done, purchased my scrubs and started class not too long after! I was lucky enough to be in Ms. Klung's class - who is SO SWEET and the greatest teacher I have ever had. I had an amazing class and Group B who I will always remember. Today is the last day of our class and I truly wish it didn't have to end!

Morgan D. October 2020 

I had an amazing experience at this place! All the staff are super nice and helpful.
My Instractor Mrs Klang was amazing! She's very organized and helpful, and always goes extra miles to help her student.
I absolutely recommend SacMed to anyone interested in taking CNA courses.
Thank you Mrs Klang and SacMed staff for the amazing experience.

Eritrea April 2020

I went to this school back in 2018 and I'm glad I did. The cost is affordable, the staff are well trained and very welcoming. Tito was a great instructor who taught us everything we needed to use as a CNA and made sure to explain when we weren't sure. During clinicals Klungeline was the best person to have! She made sure we did what needed to be done and guided us as a helping hand to succeed. Time is very important not just to klung but also tito, the time is required by the state! So be on time! They have weekend, evening, and morning classes. If you're looking to become a CNA, come here! Also! I just finished nursing school, and I wanted to thank Klung and Lito for helping me take the baby steps needed! I even saw Klung another time at one of the facilities I had clinicals as a nursing student and she remembered me with open arms! Thank you so much Sac Med Training!

Kayla T. August 2020

Definitely your moneys worth if you're looking for a CNA program! Thankful for Lito and Marichu, they're wonderful instructors. They make sure you get enough practice until you're confident enough with the skills and they make class fun!

Araeya September 2020

Literally 100000% recommend! Everyone is so helpful and nice. Clinicals are designed to imitate Red Cross exactly so you won't be blind sided during the state exam. Had Ray has an instructor and he was great! Lito and the other instructors are amazing as well so whoever you get, you'll be in good hands!!

Katie S. November 2020

I loved the whole sac med experience. Great teacher (Klung) and supporting staff. I'm now a CNA and striving for more. Thanks Sacmed!

Maureen M. January 2020

Best school ever. Thank you so much everyone in the staff. You made each day enjoyable. I learned so much. Thank you again!!!!!

Ray A. Feb 2020

Finished the program on October 12th passed the state exam October 20th! Klung was a very kind and detailed instructor! The entire SacMed staff was awesome and made sure everyone was safe especially during this pandemic.

Alicia D. October 2020

Everyone at SacMed was so nice and accommodating. The lectures and clinicals were very thorough and helped me feel very prepared for the state exam and my career as a CNA. The SacMed facility was always clean and sanitized. My instructor was Mrs.Klung, she was very thorough and kind. I was nervous at the beginning but Mrs.Klung was a positive and very helpful instructor, she created a very open environment with her students, this helped me feel comfortable in both the lecture and clinical environments. Attendance was very important to Mrs.Klung, attendance has always been valuable to me and I was glad to see that in a SacMed instructor. It showed how much she wanted us to learn everything we could for the state exam. Thank you SacMed! I passed my exam on the first try! I am very appreciative and grateful. I would definitely recommend SacMed for anyone interested in becoming a CNA. 5 stars! 10/10!

Nida November 2020

My application was selected to be in the Spring 2021 CNA program at Sierra College. It was a great news but I declined to accept the opportunity because there is something in me that tells me otherwise. So, I get online and searched for CNA training near me and there it is, SacMed popped up. I first read the reviews and it is as if I am home. I submitted the application form on the 9th of November, received a telephone confirmation first thing in the morning of the 10th, followed by orientation at 2:00PM on the same day and started the training on the 12th. It was a smooth sailing as if it was meant to be. No hassle and no drama. I specifically requested to be in Mrs. Klung class based on the reviews I read and the reviews don't lie. Mrs. Klung is a WEALTH OF INFORMATION and a GREAT REAL-LIFE example because she takes us along on her journey of learning. She made the material understandable and applicable to real situations and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of patient care. I am absolutely impressed with the huge amount of information she presented in such a short amount of time and I was able to achieve the goal I was hoping to accomplished at the end of the course and I even learned more than what I expected. She genuinely cares about the success of her students and wants us to be better and more confident once we are out there in the facility. Not many instructors take PRIDE in becoming a CNA and that's one thing I mostly admire about Mrs. Klung.

Lovie November 2020

I had the Privilege of being in Klung Class. Due to Covid we did the majority of it on distance learning "Zoom". She made it feel like we were in a classroom setting. She was very informative, helpful and always willing to help us or answer any questions. Loved being in clincal portion, she made it fun and helped us retain all the critical points we need to be a sucessful CNA's. The staff was super friendly, Always greeted with a smile,thermometer, and hand sanitizer.It was a great experience and I would highly recommend SacMed! Thank you Klung and Staff!

Tina October 2020

KLUNG IS LITERALLY THE BEST! She made zoom fun and enjoyable which is really hard to do when a class day is 8 hours. She was extremely supportive and encouraging, as well as provided an amazing and educational clinical experience. I learned so much from her and passed my state exam on the first try! Thank you again Klung for everything you did for us!

Alyse October 2020

I took the morning class with Klung and it was a great experience. She is very patient and thorough. She took the time to answer all of my questions and we learned far more than when we needed for the state exam. I utilized the videos and by the time I reached my state exam I was well prepared. I'm appreciative to Klung for teaching us more than the basics. It was well structured and detail oriented and we had an opportunity to run case studies more than once. I enjoyed my time there and feel grateful for such a great instructor and school.

Eryn October 2020

I had the privilege of being taught by Klung for all 160 hours of my training. Due to COVID we had to utilize zoom as our main learning platform. Fortunately Klung was incredibly understanding and helped make distance learning much smoother and easier than it could have been. Small hiccups due to lag and power outages were expected, but still the class never struggled to keep the necessary pace to finish on time. Our time in class was invaluable because we were able to physically perform the skills, and with me being a hands on learner this helped a lot. The facility was always clean and had hand sanitizer available at all times, also before entering your temperature was recorded for extra safety. Overall it was a great experience and I am glad I was able to have Klung as my instructor.

Matt October 2020

I attended the day curriculum and was finished in a flash. The instruction and staff were incredible, the instruction was clear, and the preparation for the state exam was more than applicable. I was a first time pass and I attribute it to the teacher (Klung). Thank you Sac Med for sending off with the skills I need to be a great CNA.

Michelle September 2020

Our instructor was Klung Navarro , she was so dedicated, patient and insightive instructor as well as to ms. marichu . they are both helpful and supportive to all of us. they are very thorough in explaining our modules most especially during clinicals. They were so dedicated in what they are doing. I'm so thankful that I made a right decision to chose SacMed. Even the staff in the office they were so approachable and really nice people. I really recommend SacMed Training and I give a 5 star recommendations. Thank you SacMed , keep up the good work.

Rein September 2020

Klung was my instructor for both lecture and clinical. She was a wonderful teacher and was so encouraging and supportive. She was a wealth of knowledge and prepared us very well for the state exam. So far, my class has a 100% pass rate for the state exam! She also shared lots of stories and information about how things would be in the real world which was super helpful. Overall, SacMed was a great experience and I feel well prepared.

Stephanie August 2020

My instructor for the lecture and clinicals was Ms. Klung and she was AWESOME! She made the class fun and interesting and went into specific details about we needed to know/do for the state exam. I took the morning class so I got finished very quickly, and I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone else looking to jump start their medical career to take this program!

Azariel March 2020

My instructor was Ray for both lecture and clinical, he is a good teacher. Particularly loved when he made examples about his own working experience. The study materials, tips and video on Youtube by Christine are very helpful for passing the State test.Kaye and Ryan in the office were also very kind.Thank you!

Claudia December 2019

My instructor was Ray. He was very understanding and easy to talk to. He made sure that the lessons were interactive and informative, and that his students learned all the necessary skills the state way for our upcoming certification exams. He was very open about answering questions and making sure his students got all the information they needed to pass. He gave us plenty of practice time to allow us to be prepared for what we might face during clinicals as well. During clinicals, he was diligent about each student's completion of each skill that was available at the clinical site. He would remind us what skills we needed to demonstrate in front of him in order to check off as many skills as we were able. Overall, it was a fun class and I definitely would recommend SacMed training for CNA certification.

Vanessa December 2019

SacMed Training is a great place to get your CNA. The staff and the class was amazing. I definitely recommend anyone interested in being a CNA to come here.

Choua November Day Session 2019

This program was a mixture of terrifying and exciting for me. I started this class having already been working as a Home Health Care Aide for a year. I found that having previous experience prior to the class made things a lot easier for me. Overall this program is well worth the tuition, time, and effort. I am so grateful to each of the instructors, and everyone else working with SacMed. The lecture hours were broken up with frequent breaks, so it was not as daunting as 8 hour lecture days sounds like! Clinicals just put everything into a proper perspective. Even though I have been working in a similar field, I have never worked in a long care facility, so this experience has been amazing. I absolutely love Klung, she is the sweetest person you could ever meet. She is thorough in her teaching, she is lighthearted and makes the class fun. She puts her passion and her love into everything she does, which just makes this entire experience even more awesome. Even if you choose to not pursue a career as a CNA, definitely you will use these skills at some point in your life. It is much more than just a career, it is sharing your heart with others, so you can provide the care that the residents deserve. If you are questioning whether you should take this class, I think whether you want to pursue a CNA career or not, your life will definitely be benefited by this program! For new students, just remember that everything seems daunting and impossible at first, but I promise with practice you will be amazing and it will become much less daunting. I want to thank my classmates, my intructors, and the staff at SacMed for giving me the opportunity to learn how to better take care of those who need our help! You all are amazing, thank you so much!!

Delayne Nov. 2019 Day Session 

Well, what can I say... SacMED is amazing. This 21 day compact schedule is very informative and intense. 8 days of lectures and 13 days of clinicals gives you all the tools you need to take and pass the state exam. I know because I just passed mine yesterday. If you are looking for a place to learn to be a CNA this is it.

David T. July 2019 Day Session 

The class was amazing. I was able to communicate with the instructor perfectly, able to let them know of other problems. Great with the problem solving. Time friendly.


I found this program through a friend that got her license the previous year and I do not regret this decision. The first time I had called the program already started and they let me in 2 days late, which was very kind of them. The whole staff was interested in the student’s success. I had Joy for class and she explained to my class every skills we needed to pass the state exam and more! She took her time in order for us to understand the lecture before moving on to the next. I had Klung for clinicals and she was amazing! She treated everyone equally. She was strict but we favored that because she taught us how to apply the skills correctly in the facility. She was very punctual and we actually went over every skill with her with a resident! Our class had potlucks for both Joy and Klung:)


I had lito for theory and he made 8 hours go by so fast! it was so interesting to be in class. clinicals with klung were also amazing! highly recommend taking CNA classes at sac med but only if you go in with a hard working and positive attitude ð???


Very much impressed , informative, clarity both lecture and clinical a very useful both instructors were very helpful, patient , understanding. Guidance by both instructors ie lecture and clinical was excellent and awesome. Enjoyed thoroughly both the clinical and lectures. Both are my inspiration (instructors ).


I was wanting to get into the medical field and had heard of sac med training from my cousin. I was not expecting everything that went on! We had amazing theory instructors and amazing clinical instructor. Thank you Lito and Klung! They honestly care and want you to succeed! It's been a year since I've had my CNA license and been working as a CNA. Now I am in nursing school all because of SacMedTraining! Thank you!!!!

Kayla - 2018

I am a retiring Air Force officer in the process of making a complete career change. The staff at SacMed were always professional and helpful with my slew of questions. The instructors in the classroom and clinical site are very knowledgeable and showed a genuine interest in my success. Their facility has all the resources to practice the skills you are required to learn. During the state exam it was apparent that we were prepared to succeed. I really enjoyed this program on my journey towards completing a BSN. I absolutely recommend SacMed for your CNA training!

Chuck - May 2018

I definitely recommend anyone interested in being a CNA to come here. The tuition is reasonable, excellent instructors (Mr. Lito) & clinical instructor (Klung), and they prepare you to pass the state exam! Not only that, but I gained so much knowledge and hands-on skills as a CNA. I took the exam two days after finishing the course and passed! I am now working as a CNA at a skilled nursing facility. I couldn't have done it without SacMed! Day Class Sept-Oct 2017


Awesome place to start off your nursing career. Great staff and much needed information for a successful outcome as a CNA! Goodluck. 


Just started this school a few weeks ago and I love it. The price for tuition was in my budget and was the lowest compared to other schools. The teacher makes sure you completely understand everything before moving onto the next module and teaches you skills that will be on the state test. I recommended Sacmed Training to anyone who's interested in getting CNA certified. 

Brittany D.

Good day Mr.Lito!!

I passed both my cna tests along with Anne.

I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to you and your superb staff for all their contribution to my achievements and also to the Sac Med students that have succeeded with their cna tests.

Also to Ms. MARIE for her tremendous classroom teaching skills and our tutorials with her.

The skills video under Sac Med helped alot.i have heard from a lot of students that..they watch it before their exams..even students from other cna schools.

May the Good Lord continue to bless Sac Med School and its hardworking staff and their families.

Kind regards

Noma Sikuri - July 2017

Thank you so much SacMed Family! I passed my State exam! Thank you Sir Lito and Ms. Klung for being such excellent instructors. I never got bored in class when Sir Lito did our lecture. Furthermore, I learned a lot of skills when I did my training under Ms. Klung's supervision. She was exceptional! I am now officially a CNA and now dreaming to become a business owner and LVN. March 2017-Marnelli

Hey everyone this is Mai. SacMeds is a great school. They are knowledgeable, caring and passionate for what they do. I strongly recommend anyone who is trying to get their CNA. The instructors prepares you and aide you to pass your CNA, as long as you do your part studying the skills, and reading your book, you will do fine. Written exam is a piece of cake, passed it with flying colors as well as the skills I picked out. Its not as difficult as I thought it would be. But you always want to prepare yourself so practice, practice, practice (although I didn't have time to practice at all). I'm very grateful that I chose SacMeds, currently I'm in the process going to school for my LVN. Really wish SacMeds offer classes for LVN, it would make life so so much easier. Btw, my classmates rock!!! Day Class 07/22-08/18 

If you're looking for a CNA class,this is the perfect place.The staff & instructors are brilliant & nice,you won't regret it,I experienced it myself!...Btw,thank you Sacmed! - Nathaniel Feb. 2016

I started@ Sac Med Training in 2011 got my cna license and worked in the cna field for 3 years I am now a Licensed Vocational Nurse and it all started here at Sac Med Training Thanks Lito would not be here with out you....Thank god for Lito and Sac Med Training I started my health care career with my CNA llicense from Sac Med Training where I passed my exam on w first try I was a CNA for 3years and now I am an Licensed Vocational Nurse and it all started from Sac Med Training Thanks Lito would not be here without you. - Adondis

Hi! This is Maryann from the August weekend class. I just wanted to let you know I passed the CNA exam yesterday!My skills were respirations, lateral positioning and denture care. I passed with excellent comments on all. The only thing I kept missing was to close the privacy curtain. I think most people forgot that. This whole experience was great and everyone at SacMed has been wonderful. I feel you guys thoroughly prepared me to pass the exam and I would recommend this program to anyone interested. Oh, and the videos were extremely helpful! I don't have their email, but please pass on my thanks to Lito and Marichu. They are wonderful instructors.... so friendly and knowledgeable!

Many thanks, Maryann B., C.N.A.

The day instructor, Lito, is great! I'm enrolled till the end of September so glad I chose SacMed Training! - David T. 

I enjoyed my CNA course here, Lito and Klung are exceptionally good instructors...they always made sure we all understood the course content and the skills during clinicals! I appreciate the fact that the office team (Christine and colleagues) always availed themselves to assist me with any questions during my practice for the State test. I passed the very firs guys are awesome.


Sac Med prepared me for everything and I learned so much both in the classroom and during my clinical. Don't be afraid to ask questions! I passed my CNA exam my first time. I'm so glad I picked this school. Thank you Sac Med Team!


Lito is a great person to learn from I learned fast from him. He will mak sure you suck info up like a sponge. Jasmine B. 


I would like to thank SacMed Training for an outstanding and thorough training. The enitre staff is friendly, helpful and want you to succeed. The class is thorough, focusing on providing qualtiy care for residents in long term facilities. I would like to especially thank Lito for his professionalism in the classroom. His knowledge of caring for the elderly, sensitivity to their needs and the importance of having a sense of humor while providing patient care are all reflected in his daily teachings. HIs attention to detail, communication skills and love for his work is amazing. This training has prepared me to take on and passed the State of California CNA test. Therefore, I am a Certified Nurses Assistant and proud to be a graduate of SacMed Training. Sincerely, Vina Oliphant. 

Hello Ryan, Lito, Evelyn,

I just want to say Thank you and to SacMed for giving me the opportunity to renew my Cna license at the age of 52.
I was the class from last December (evening) 2015. 

If you ever need someone to speak at one of your classes.
I would be more than happy to speak on how wonderful the class and clinical training are. 

I am now working for Washington Unified School District as a Health aide full-time in my community in West Sacramento and I just accepted a part-time job in the Surgery clinic at Mather Veteran Hospital here is Rancho Cordova. I always encouraging people that's it's not to late in life to do what you really want and love.
     Again Thank you, 

My test went great, I passed. Thanks so much for helping me prepare for my test. It all paid off!!


We passed the state test. Marilyn and I are CNA's now. Thanks so much for the knowledge and skills.


Me & Claudia passed. Thank you SacMed!!!


I passed! and its all thanks to the whole sacmed staff! I had the following skills: Assisting the resident in walking with a gait belt, oral care for an unconscious resident, and pulse. I was only off by one beat with the pulse. Good thing we practiced it. For the oral care, i left the resident at a 45 degree angle in case there was still any water in the mouth. The said no one has ever done that before and said it was a pretty good idea. I guess that gave me some brownie points. Thank you so much for everything! I really appreciate all your help. 


Great school, instructors rock. You'll learn so much. My class were like a family from the 1st day. Lito, & Klung, I love them both so much for all that they do.

Joanne / July 2015 Day Class

 Sac Med Rocks! There is no other school that can compare!! The staff is awesome and I so loved doing my clinical at the nursing home! The best experience in the world. I so love Klung and Lito, they are my Hero's!!! Don't miss out on this opportunity! Sign up for CNA class at Sac Med ASAP!!! You will NOT regret it!!!

Jackie / July 2015 Day Session

I passed the CNA test in Saturday! Thank you for your guidance during classes and skills practice. Joseph, Angie and Diane from our weekend class also passed.Pass my thanks to Rito and Janice as well.

Thank you SacMed. Anna   April Weekend Session 2015

i passed my CNA state test on the third this month! i was so nervous but i was well prepared because of great instructors! lito and klan. and i also had a great CNA at clinical. Irene taught me so much. im glad i took this program. THANK YOU sacmed!

X. Thao

After a month of studying Nursing Assistant at SACMED, I take the CNA State Test last August 9,2014 and I PASSED it!  Big thanks to my Superb Lecture Instructor Lito (DaBest) who are very knowledgeable about Nursing Assistant work.  And also thanks to my Clinical Instructress Klunge who gave us outstanding training in the Capitol Transitional Care facility.   SACMED is an awesome school for Nursing Assistant.  Thanks to all SACMED Staff (Christine & Ryan) who are very nice and easy to approach.  I will always remember the SACMED for helping me to change career.

***WILL D.,CNA***

My mom my brother and I all love being cna thank you sac med.

L. Schmitz

I PASSED!!!!! I got my CNA Certification yesteday. Yes!!! I want to thank ALL of you who have been supporting me with your thoughts and prayers. I'm now one STEP closer to becoming and RN. I'm still in school in the evenings working toward my LVN, but I'm really enjoying this because it has been a a lot of work and it's a big step for me in a new direction. It's really FANTASTIC to set a goal and then reach it!! Many heartfelt thanks to my wife and kids, SacMedTraining and the staff(Lito, Christine, Ryan, Klung) and Connie Price who called me from "out of the blue" and asked me if I had considered becoming a CNA, which I hadn't. Thanks again. I will be getting my BLS(CPR certification next week) then I will begin applying for work. I'll keep you posted. Hugs to all!!

P. McFarland 

Thank you to Best instructor because of your hard work, love and passion for what you do I'm one of the best CNA's!!! Only because I was taught by the best. Thank you Sacmed staff from the bottom of my heart!!! #ThisProgramChangedMyLife!!!

L. Jones evening class

Life changing!!! Changed my life! I now feel good about my future.

J. Borne

Best place ever Tito Lito is so cool and Ryan is a mess lol love love love it.

J. Nguyen

Great program for a great price :)

H. Dhindsa, day class

I want to thank the staff at SacMed who they help me to have this great opportunity to achieve my goal I have to say thank you and GOD bless. LITO you are the best teacher in the word thank you for every thing you don for me GOD BLESS YOU

mozhgan habibvand

I want to thank the staff at SacMed and Emerald Gardens for applying their guidance, knowledge, experience and teaching me all I need to know to become a successful CNA. SacMed provided the resources I needed to prepare me for the state exam. The instructors were very knowledgeable and committed to our success. I am very happy I received my training at SacMed and would recommend anyone who is seeking to attend a CNA program to come here. Thanks again SacMed...I passed the state exam on my first try (3/29/2014)!

Sue K. (2/26/2014) Day Class

Many thanks to Lito, Christine, Klunge, my classmates and my CNA's (Martha G. and Meagan) at Emerald Gardens. This was an amazing experience and I'm so glad that I found SacMed. I am so impressed with the expertise, professionalism and detail of this course. Everyone mentioned above are so very caring and committed to our success. The flow and logic to the program is Fantastic! It shows the expertise and experience of the staff. I never for once, felt like I was just a number, but as a member of a medical TEAM in training. Huge Thanks to Lito and Klunge for your experience and commitment to our success!!
Paul MacFarland Jr 2/26/14 Day Class

From the very first moment, Lito, you were positive and helpful. I remember that first Saturday morning and we were tired and scared. We were all scared yesterday testing too, but we were all there for one another. We could hear your words of encouragement as we stepped up to do our skills tests. We did know what to do! Even the evaluators at the Red Cross mentioned how much they love SacMed students! You made learning so much fun. For me, this is the beginning of a new career in Alaska. I know I'll never forget my SacMed training or the new friends I've made! Lito, Kristine, Janet (at Emerald Gardens), and my CNA trainer, Carolyn . . . I can't thank you enough!

Nancy   1/4/14 (Weekend Class)

I am a 58 year old woman who lost my job after 28 years working for Campbell Soup. I had no skills, no education, no one wanted to hire me. I came to SacMed Training to get my cna. After one month I was given the skills to pass the state test and get certified.  All of the staff is very helpful and nice. Especially Lito he was amazing and really teaches with his heart!  I can now go out and find me a job with confidence. I would recommend it to anyone.

B. Mendoza

Day Sessions 2014

sacmed is jst awesome....lito is a gud instructer...i jst got my license frm da red cross...yhanx to all students i hve been wth them ...lito l klung ...thnx

-dewat Feb. 2014

Sac Med training change day life for the better. Everyday I wake up with a purpose. I feel great knowing that my actions and behavior have a positive reaction in the lives of seniors. I see a bright future for myself and hope to become an RNA. Thank you Sac Med for changing my life for the better! PS, passed the exam on the third time!!!3X the charm..


SacMed Training offered the best way to be a CNA fast and they teach us every single detail needed for the the state test. THe Class was very informative and fun the instructors was very knowledgable and entertaining it made the class very easy and fun.

- Cj

I was uncertain which CNA program to attend in Sacramento and by luck called SacMed first.  I thought the classroom instruction was high quality.  The clinical portion had a couple of kinks which needed improvement but no program is perfect.  The students in my class who failed the state board were either undereducated or horsed around during instructional periods.  Since getting my BA degree and CNA license in December of 2012, I have had the opportunity to see a couple of the other CNA training schools in Sacramento.  I am quite happy I decided to attend SacMed.  Lito and his family who run the school are generous, professional and kind.  Some of the other CNA programs around Sac are just money making factories.  I would highly recommend Lito and his team at SacMed.

-Wes H.

Super excited I passed my test on july 6th. Passed it on my first try it was so nerve racking but I did it. Big thanks to Litto and to all the staff at emerald gardens :)

- lilli

I took the class on Feb 14, 2011 and I was issued my license sometime in May of 2011. I am currently working at Mercy Folsom, Methodist and Mercy JSt. I love working in the hospital and love SacMed Training for their support.

-Carolyn J

Passed or Failed in state test... you will always remember SACMED!!! Why? Once you passed the state test you will remember all your clinical instructor that have taught you  all skills that you needed...
Failed: you will also remember sacmed y? You should have listened  to all your CI ...
Key to pass: 1.sacmed,2. listen,3.absorbed 4. Practice 5.Self Confidence


- Godfrey

Hi Sacmed, this is Andrew, just wanted to let you all know that I passed my skills test and am now a CNA! Thank you so much for all your help and letting us use your facilities for practice, I feel like that made all the difference. Everyone else that was in the group with me doing the skills, all sacmed students, all of them passed.  

Thank you very very much,


I PASSED on 04/13/13!!! I was so nervous on the skills part, and went in doubting myself, but surprisingly I passed both written and skills. Big thanks to Lito for his faith in me and words of encouragement! Now that I am official, I can't wait to make $$$. Thanks SacMed Traing!


I passed my test!!! I am already working for a dear friend that had a stroke in January.Everything that I learned at Emerald gardens helps me everyday. Having hands on experience with my new client helped me pass the test! Thanks Lito for the knowledge and encuragement! Your class has opened many doors for me!!!

Your friend, Lasagna;-) ;-)  (Latonya;-)  )

Start my new job on Monday. I am very excited and being able to say I trained at SacMed really helped. Thank you again. Carol

The Instructors are so helpful and patient. They constantly encourage you to push yourself to be better. I loved this cllass. It was the best step that I have made for myself in a while. I would definitely recommend this class as a start in the healthcare field. It's an excellent experience.
_Cindy D._

 I am so thankful to all the staff for all the encouragement and support and helping me with all my skills. I aced my CNA Exam and was so Confident I knew I could do it. thank you for everything.  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!  GOD BLESS LITO,MARICHU,ROWENA,KLUN,RYAN,KRISTINE,AND EVERYONE WHO HELPED ME ALONG THE PATH.  JEFF BURNETT <><

Thank you for the training and the experience of clinicals. Yesterday in Yuba City I passed my State Exam.


Since completing your nursing assistant course, I have worked at several places as a CNA. You have a great program and I have not had a problem finding a job. Thanks so much!   Ms. Yuzon

I just want to say "Thank you Sac Med for giving me back my confidence that I could get through the training. I do have to thank the teacher for his great confidence in me, more so then I had in myself. He gave all the tools necessary to pass the state exam. The clinical training was at a memorable facility. Thanks again to all the great staff at Sac Med you made it all worth it!


SacMed Training helped me grow as a person. Before i started this program, I felt intimidated and very hesitant because i'm such a shy person, and afraid what i've gotten myself into. Midway through the program, i've learned that the more experience i had with SacMed the more i felt successful as a person, I did everything with confidence, and had positive vibes since I started working with the elderly. I'm proud to say i'm knowledgable, and SacMed Training help me expand my point of views, experiences, as well as work ethics to the horizon. Here I am, taking the next step in life, accepted in the LVN program, with all thank you's to the amazing staff, and instructors of SacMed Training.

                                                                                                     Ms. Sumabat

Who would of knew that nurse training could be so fast and affordable!!! I loved the class everybody is friendly and helpful. It was amazing how i learned so much in such a little time. At first I was about to endure two long years of training at a community college but then i did more research and found SacMed. If you want to start making good money right away and your field of study is nursing then I recommend SacMed! They are the BEst!!!

V. Tidwell

I passed the CNA test!!! It was so easy, I made myself a nervous reck for nothing. The nurses who administered the test were friendly and encouraging. Thank's for the hands on training, I really enjoyed the class and the clinical experience at Emerald Gardens. I will definitely reccomend SacMedtraining to people.


I had a great experience at SacMed Training. The staff was very helpful and accommodating. I learned everything I needed to pass the state test. I can't wait to work as a CNA. Thanks SacMed.

Hello SacMedStaffs'. I Passed Both My Written Test And The Hands On. I Want To Thank All Of The SacMedStaffs And The Program! When I Took My Test Over At Yuba, I Was Calm Yet nervous. But With The Many Crazy Amount Of Hours Of Me Practincing Over At Ramona And Studying The Test I Was Determined To Pass. I Am So Happy That I Passed. Now I Have SomeThing To Look Forward To In The Future. I Feel Like Im On Top Of The World When I Was Told That I Passed All Of My Tests!! All I Can Really Say Is ThankYou Guys Once Again.

I passed, great experience thank you!


I passed both the oral and written exam. I had a very positive experience at SacMed.
Thank you,

Hello SacMed!
I passed my test!!!!!
It wasn't as difficult as I thought it was going to be. It just makes everything worst because you are already so nervous going in but I was confident and was tested on exactly what I had to know!Thank you!


We all passed!!!!! SacMed is the best!!

-B. Coughlan

You guys really go above and beyond for us and its greatly appreciated.

-S. Mahoney


I passed the test! Thank you SacMed for the training!!

-M. Nicorci


Everyone at SacMed has been unbelievably helpful through the entire training process. I would recommend your program to anyone.

-Z. Hartman

I really enjoyed this program! Everyone was nice and helpful with any questions or fears that I had. Also the experience at Emerald Gardens is something I will always be thankful for. It gave me a real taste of being a CNA and helped determine that this is the area of work that I want to pursue.
Thank you for teaching me and helping me!


I thank you very much and greatly appreciate the opportunity and support
I have gained from SacMed I will continue to praise and recommend this great school to all.
BeLinda Nakamura

This program was my initial step towards the medical field. In a short amount of time, I learned a handful of new skills and training because the program was hands-on and very thorough. Not only was Lito and other instructors supportive, but the classmates were as well. This program have my full recommendation. Thank you SacMed for making the program fun & easy to learn. 

-Der Xiong

I took the class because it fitted best for my schedule and the length of the class was short. Honestly, at first I wasn't sure about the program and wasn't sure if I would go for it. I felt like I was not well prepare BUT I was so wrong. There were a lot of support from the teachers at SacMed and Emerald Gardens. I was constantly checked on and made sure I was doing okay. I had practiced and they helped me getting my hours when I couldn't get to my regular classes. Overall, I was and still am a happy student. I wish they have RNA and LVN class there because I would totally come back.
TO THE STAFF- Thank you for all your help and you were awesome.


Thx Sacmed for helping start my first step in the nursing career. Also, thank you for Mr.lito for help and explain everything detail about the subject that we learn. R u the best teacher Mr.lito, now i work at University post-acute rehab :))

Pat Promkhan

I can proudly say, "I'm glad I took this program" because through it all, it was fun and worth it! The classes were straight forward and training was great. Especially, the CNA who are training have a lot patience and respect. You learn a lot from the nursing home and at the end of the day, it's worth the energy because you gave a hand. I also, want to take this time to thank Lito and Janet for being such amazing and understanding people. They make it so easy and everything goes by smoothly. Once again, thank you Sac Med because of the program, it gave me a stepping stone to the next step. Thank you! I recommend Sac Med to everyone. ~Shoua Vue

I just want to say " Thank you Sac Med for giving me back my confidence that I could get through the training.I do have to thank Lito for his great confidence in me, more so then I had in myself. He gave all the tools necessary to pass the State Exam.The clinical training was at a memorable facility. Thanks again to all the great staff at Sac Med you made it all worth it !
Donna Sousa, Evening Class

I just want to thank all of you at SacMed Training for the opportunity to further my education as a CNA. You covered all topics and information in the classroom and in clinical training that was very necessary for the State Exam as well as for my current position in a Skilled Nursing Facility. I definitely have come to realize that this is my purpose in life.  I am extremely grateful to all the SacMed Training staff. This was well worth the cost and time, I have and will continue to refer anyone seeking education in the nursing field to your school.
J. Jacobs

I'm so happy that i have passed my exam on 29 nov. and all the credit goes to the lito and merry they are the awesome lecturers who makes u so confident what u learn there. i was totally new in medical but i came with happy smile after completing my exam.. i will highly recommend u for sacmed they are the best!!!! all the best for sacmed......
Aneshni P. (Day class)

It is a great place to start in health care field! The instructor is knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. They help students in every way to prepare for the state exam. They are very supportive - Thank you Lito and Mary - your guidance helped me get through the training and pass with flying colors :) You are the best ! I highly recommend Sacmed training. Rating: Five stars :)

Krity T. (Dday class)

I have to say Sac Med was a great experience! Lito and Mary are very nice and helped me a lot to get ready for the state exam. The format of the course is great and the size of the class is perfect. I always looked forward to coming to class. I also made great friends. I would strongly recommend SacMed Training to everyone!
Thank you so much, SacMed Training is the best!
Brenda Larios ( P.M. Class)

Let Me start by Saying that this Program is Awesome! The Teacher is the Best' He has very Good Teaching skills with his Students and if you need the Extra help he will give his time. Also you not only learn by a Book but also in a real Life Setting Faculty that will help you gain the confidence and experience that you will need. The Classroom Size is Perfect so you always Feel like you have the Utmost  Attention with the Teacher and your Classmates. This Program is not only for Becoming a CNA but also you are treated just like Family. Thank you Lito and I miss you Greatly and my Friends!

Gracie A.

Let me start by saying I began this course not knowing what to expect as this class was a prereq for my nursing program. I had never really thought about becoming a CNA; however, now after have completing my training as a CNA I have a completely different outlook. I want to give a special thanks to Lito for all his dedication and hard work to his students. He is a great instructor and very knowledgeable. Having an instructor that truly cares for his students is very difficult to find now a days. I highly recommend SacMed training to anyone that is looking or thinking about become a CNA. I promise that you will not be disappointed. I liked my instructor Lito so much that I will definitely be going back to help in any way possible and also just to visit. Thank you SacMed Training for all that you do.

- Brittany W.

I had so much during training and class time! I recommend Sac Med to anyone! Lito, and Mary are the Nicest people you will ever meet! They are willing to help out with anything you are having trouble with! I passed the first time around because of the skills i had acquired during training!

-Laticia Peralez

Thank you  very much for taking the time to teach us as I have successfully passed the State Exam . I know you have taken a great deal of time, energy, and effort, and I appreciate your support throughout this process.
-Reshma Rai (Student)

thanks so much !!!!!!! so happy l passed my CNA test all credit goes to Sacmed training
l really enjoyed at Sacmed thanks to  all staff  (mary &.......) for being so nice n helping in learning and thanking  u as well for all ur support and knowledge

- Doreen Mala

Thank You SacMed. My daughter and I passed the CNA state exam the first time around.

- Yvette and Ernestine (Turlock)

You guys are great because you make DREAMS come true for those people who can't even speak English properly, like me.

- Jaspal Singh

" Thank you SacMed for everything you have done for me! I had a great experience and I got so much out of it that Im very thankful I started working right away. I recommend SacMed to all who is passionate, hard working, and want a great learning experience in becoming a CNA. Thank you Merry, Lito, and Janet you guys are the best :) "
- Mahdina L.

Thank you SacMed, Lito and Mary for all of your help. I took my state test on Friday the 25th and passed. If it weren't for the excellent training provided both classroom and the clinical, it wouldn't have been possible. You were all so very helpful and helped so much to build our confidence by giving test to prepare and helping us to practice our skills. This has been an awesome experience and I would and will recommend SacMed to anyone who's interested in the being a CNA. Looking forward to taking some additional training from Lito as soon as the class is avail. RNA...:)'
Tamara R.

Thank you lito n mary.i passed my state exam u have been so spportive teaching me till i understand everything.i appreciate so much......thank u!
Merci Ngugi

To: SacMed Training

First and foremost, I am giving a special thanks to SacMed Training and the professional staff involved in making my experience memorable. I came across SacMed school when I was in search of finding a CNA school that won't take long for me to complete, and that holds it's credentials in administering to its students' excellent education and excellent clinical skills. Upon my arrival at the school, I knew I had made the right choice. The instructor and accompanying staffs were all wonderful and very forthcoming in offering extra help to everyone and anyone who might need it. After a while, we all felt more like family to them than just students because of the staff's determination to make sure that we all as students are successful in gaining all the knowledge and skills needed to be successful on our examination and our prospective jobs. Their willingness for our success is just astonishing to me and very amusing, to know that they truly care about us. I am very very pleased with my experience at the school and I would recommend SacMed Training to anyone in a heartbeat.

A satisfied student (Lola A)

They say that "everything cheap is expensive!" I always go for quality and as a matter of fact "SACMED TRAINING" is one of the best which tries to exhaust all the tuition fees that their students pay to get enough materials to prepare as a CNA.

At SACMED TRAINING, I can humbly say that it has the best teachers ever who prepare students not only to pass the state exam but to be good CAREGIVERS too!

It takes time to trust a friend. Come over and join SacMed Training to get a quality CNA training.
After I passed my state test, I got employed the next day because of three things:
1. God's Mercy
2. My employer acknowledged SacMed Training which they said "prepares good caregivers"
3. Hardwork
Good luck new students. My fellow Kenyans, Im proud of SacMed Training.
Solomen Ongere

My experience at SacMed Training was one of the most fun and most interesting times of my life. Knowledge of the field and comfort were offered hand in hand. I now work full time for a nursing home where my experience is proven everyday.
SacMed is the greatest. Thanks guys!
Patrick Boen

Hey Lito,

I passed! You prepared us so well. The other students there did training for 4 months, and another group for 10 weeks, and we were more confident than they were. Both test were so easy. Thank you so much for being such a great instructor! I was so nervous when I was taking the skills test. I had to shave a resident, position them from suspine to lateral, and weight. They said I did great. I had such a great experience in your class. I will recommend SacMed to anyone looking to be a CNA. Keep me posted with your other classes.

-Johanna, CNA

I had fun on the training.  I have acquired all the necessary theory and skills to pass the test and I did.  There are a lot of advantages this training school provided such as using the school facility after the program and practice skills and written test prior to competency test.  It is an amazing experience and I learned a lot.  Thank you  ! Lito for all your support and dedication.
- Merry May Juan, CNA

Great explanations - answers questions thoroughly. Students are respected. Loved the instructor and class - learned a lot. Thank you.
- Stephanie W., CNA

Lito is a great teacher, works well with all students. Always happy. Such a great environment to learn in.
- Lacey A.

Anytime you have a question, he is more that willing to explain and show the correct skills.
- Aaron Mullins

Lito is great at explaining everything in detail. We'll miss you Lito.
- Mandy Pershing

I really enjoyed this class and his attitude toward the subject.
- Anne Newbert

Lito is awesome with teaching all the right materials.
- Hannah G.

Best class, best instructor.
- Kristine C.

I learned a lot from him. His teaching skills are wonderful.
- Dandan W.

I am very happy to participate in this class. It made me confident about my skills.
- Anna Paula G.

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